Erkan Işıksal

Erkan Işıksal



Erkan Işıksal joined Allianz Turkey in 2002. Erkan has 11 years of experience in insurance

industry on three main areas; technical underwriting, corporate sales and marketing. Also had

a chance to join Claims Management process reengineering projects. Prior to joining

Marketing Management, Erkan has worked as an underwriter in Retail Fire Department for 3

Years and following that another 3 years in Affinity Sales Department (Alternative

Distribution Channels) ,and 2 years in Program Management Office, Project management.


Erkan is an Industrial Engineer, has master degree on Insurance and he is OPEX Blue Belt

certified. He earned his second Master’s degree MBA on Marketing Management. He

attended as a speaker to several forums in Europe regarding insurance & distribution






Graduate School                  Yeditepe University MBA ( Marketing Management )

09.2009 - 06.2012                  The Institute of Social Sciences


Graduate School                   Marmara University (Insurance Master)

01.2003 - 03.2005                  Banking and Insurance Academy


University                              Cankaya University 

09.1998 - 07.2002                  Industrial Engineering


High School                           Tarsus American College








2011-  Head of Strategic Market Management   Marketing Management / ALLIANZ


Responsible from two departments:


  1. Market, Customer Analysis & Reporting (CRM)


  1. Strategic Market Management



  • Identify opportunities for profitable growth across channels using customer insights, market and competitors analysis

  • Develop market, customer and channel strategy

  • Consolidate growth issues with sales, technical product provider and operations

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Target Consumer Analysis & Definition

  • Product Development

  • Measure and monitor performance



2009-2011 Manager                                                 Program Management Office / ALLIANZ

Management of Allianz Strategic Projects and Sales Support (PMO)

Allianz Direct Operations Project (Online sales platform)

Feasibility analysis for a Direct Insurance Company set up in Turkey                      

  • Developed robust and dynamic business case model, proved economic attractiveness for a direct  insurance company set up in Turkey 

  • Defined target customers and marketing strategy

  • Obtained insight from target customers: (Quantitative survey and Qualitative survey - focus groups)

  • Developed value proposition and product strategy for online insurance applications

  • Developed detailed process design and functional requirements

  • Developed Alternative Distribution Channel strategy

Claims Transformation Project

  • Reengineering of claims processes

  • Model for supply part management

  • Network expansion project

  • Steering project for customer touch points

Health Insurance Sales Project

  • Drive marketing strategy

  • Target segment

  • Marketing mix, plan and forecast




2008-2009 Supervisor           PMO & Product Development Department / ALLIANZ


Management of Allianz Strategic Projects, Product Development Department / Affinity Sales


Allianz Direct Operations Project

      Detailed analysis for:

  • Macro-environmental analysis

  • Insurance market

  • Motor insurance market

  • Direct insurance in Turkey



Product Development Department and Affinity Sales


  • Management of Affinity Business sales

  • Creating new affinity groups and management of KocAilem; Koc Group Employees Affinity Group

  • New business development strategies (Alternative sales)





2006-2008 Supervisor           Product Development Department / KOÇ ALLIANZ


  • Performing benchmark reports regarding the sector and competitors based on product, pricing and market positioning strategies

  • Analyzing competitors long term strategy and action plans

  • Driving out methods to differentiate own products in the market by product development or new sales techniques

  • Coordination with CRM department to form new campaigns

  • Management of Affinity Business sales

  • NPS Customer Satisfaction Project leadership



2005-2006 R&D Expert       Strategy and Special Projects Department / KOÇ ALLIANZ


  • Drive new and alternative sales methods and strategies

  • Management of Affinity Business sales


2002-2005 Underwriter       Private Lines Technical Department / KOÇ ALLIANZ

Fire, machinery breakdown lines of business

  • Underwriting

  • Risk acceptance

  • Performance reports


Courses & Seminars:


Speaker/Panelist in 4th Insurance Distribution Strategies Forum

Fleming Europe, Rome / Italy 11.10.2012 -12.10.2012


Social Media Marketing

Allianz / Munich 10.04.2012 - 14.04.2012


•Affinity Marketing

Genialloyd / Allianz 14.01.2009 - 17.01.2009

Affinity Marketing Applications / Milan / Italy


Direct Marketing

Genialloyd / Allianz 09.09.2008 - 11.09.2008

Direct Marketing Applications Allianz / Milan / Italy


Creating And Distributing SME Insurance Products And Services 2008

Marcus Evans / London / United Kingdom 21.01.2008 - 23.01.2008


Customer Focus Initiative

Allianz / Munich 29.03.2007 - 02.04.2007

NPS: Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Project Implementation


•Market Driven Product Development

Allianz / Munich 10.04.2005 - 16.04.2005



Blue Belt, Institute For Six Sigma

Project Management - Operational Excellence

Institute For Six Sigma, Allianz Group OPEX - 09.04.2008

OPEX Blue Belt accredited by Institute For Six Sigma - Project Management


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